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Choosing a Staffing Solutions Partner
Doing your homework before choosing a staffing company to assist you with your hiring needs will help you determine which company will work to provide solutions, and which will just sell you services. Although there are many staffing companies to choose from, it is important that you keep some things in mind before you make your next move.
Here are some helpful tips:
1) Do they understand your needs?
If you are looking to fill an open position, there are hundreds of staffing service providers who will promise to fill your job If you could work with a company who could fill your job orders, quickly and effectively, yet also take the time to ask the right questions, get to know your company's structure, culture, goals and industry - would you benefit even more? And if this staffing company also provided you with resources, information and a full spectrum of customized employment solutions - would you see the benefit? By developing a relationship with a Staffing Solutions Partner, who can be an objective, expert resource, you'll move beyond a "vendor" to a true Partner In Your Success.
2) Do YOU understand your needs?
The old saying, "you reap what you sow" holds especially true here. Before you even pick up the phone, be sure that you understand your needs. Think about the length of the assignment, the “hard” or “technical” skills, as well as the “soft” skills, that are required. Is your business accessible by public transportation? What is your dress code or “company culture.” Being upfront about all of these things will help the staffing company fill the job right, the first time.
3) Are They Reliable?
Does the staffing company have a good reputation in the community? Do they call you when they say they are going to call you? You cannot expect to hire reliable employees from a staffing company that is not reliable. Ask around and get referrals. Past performance is the best predictor of future performance.
4) What is the Selection Process for their Candidates?
Ask about the selection process that each candidate goes through. Be sure that they have an application on file, that they have checked references, and that they have actually met the person face to face. Also be sure they follow all employment laws, so that you don’t find yourself in an uncomfortable situation later.
5) Are they Professional?
Is the staff professiona and does the staffing company affiliated with any professional organizations specific to the staffing or human resource industries? While this may seem like a formality, these organizations hold their members to high standards and codes of ethics.
6) What is their Response Time?
Ask the staffing company what their typical "fill time" is...that is, how long does it take them to fill the skill set you need from the time the order is placed, to the time they fill the position. But don't forget to do your part - - give the staffing company adequate notice whenever possible. Although emergencies do occur, don't make last minute requests your norm.
7) How do they handle Payroll Taxes and Insurance Protection?
Staffing companies should be withholding all payroll taxes from their employees' paychecks. They should also have adequate workers' compensation, unemployment and liability insurance.
8) Do they have Recruiting and Retention Programs?
Do they have a dedicated recruiting staff or do they view recruiting as an afterthought? You want to work with an organization that is proactive. After all, you want to be able to count on them when you need them. Even more important, ask them if they have any retention programs for their employees, such as benefits, vacation, or other "perks." If the service cannot keep their great employees, even the best recruiting plans do not matter.
9) Do they have a Guarantee or Quality Programs in Place?
Ask if the company offers a quality guarantee. Ask how often and how they will follow up to assure that the employee they placed at your business is exceeding your expectations.
While it is often in a consumer's best interest to "shop around" each time they buy, it may be in your best interest to do your homework and then choose just a few staffing companies that meet your requirements. The company will do a better job of filling your job orders if they understand your business and have a positive, honest and professional relationship with you. And like most things in life, you typically get what you pay for.

We encourage you to take the time to develop a relationship with your staffing solutions partner. This will save you time in the long run and assure you a better quality relationship with your staffing partner.
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